Many couples are getting away from the traditional wedding cake for all wedding guests and trying out cupcake bars. Cupcake bars are fun and provide so many benefits! At Ava’s Cupcakes, we offer completely customizable cupcake bars for newly engaged couples. The sky is the limit when it comes to flavors and icing colors!

Cupcake Bar

Cupcake Bars – Numerous Benefits

When a couple chooses a cupcake bar for their wedding, they receive so many benefits. Here are a few advantages to choosing a cupcake bar:

  • Multiple flavors
  • Accommodate various diet needs – some cupcakes can be gluten-free or vegan, if necessary, but others can be regular.
  • Easier to serve
  • No utensils needed for guests
  • Icing colors can match wedding colors, or whatever you want!

These are merely a few of the benefits of choosing to use a cupcake bar for your wedding.

Ava’s Cupcakes – Stunning Cupcake Bars

As you can see from our name we love and are experts in all things related to cupcakes… this includes cupcake bars! While we love wedding cakes, we love how we can try out so many different flavors and icing styles/colors with cupcake bars.

For icing, couples can choose to do one color for all the cupcakes, a mix of colors (as seen in the photographs), or different icing colors on different cupcakes. It is really up to you and what fits with your wedding colors, scheme, and vision!

Regarding flavors, we have an extensive list of flavors. As long as it is something in season, we can usually make almost any flavor happen from our flavor list.

You are not in the planning alone. Our wedding dessert specialist will meet with you to discuss what you need and want. We work closely with you to plan out your cupcake bar vision so you will absolutely love it on your big day!

Best of Both Worlds

If you always envisioned that cake cutting moment, then even with a cupcake bar it is possible. Many of our wedding dessert guests that choose a cupcake bar will also get a small cake for just the newlyweds to cut and enjoy!

Cupcake Bar

Discuss Your Wedding Dessert Needs with Ava’s Cupcakes Today!

Ready to create the wedding cupcake bar of your dreams? Ava’s Cupcakes bars are always a huge hit with guests and leave them talking about your wedding desserts even after the wedding! Click here to see our photo gallery of our wedding desserts! Give us a call today at 336.283.9021 or email us at to get started!

Custom Wedding CakesYour exciting day is afoot and it’s time to plan a culinary delight to celebrate your sweet moment! Not only does Ava’s Cupcakes specialize in celebrating sweet moments, we are honored to guide you through the process. Undoubtedly, sorting through custom wedding cakes can be thrilling but also daunting.

Fortunately, our award-winning owner and pastry chef, Michelle Spell, recognizes all the emotions that come into play. An expert at cake design, she is also skilled at understanding people. After all, you are unique. Your relationship is extraordinary. Therefore, the custom design of your cake should be nothing less.

Custom Wedding Cakes 101

Before we delve into Michelle’s outstanding accolades and process of designing a beautiful custom cake for you, let’s tackle questions. Often, our customers wonder: How do I determine the size of my wedding cake based on the number of people?

While this seems like a simple, straightforward query, multiple factors come into play. For instance, will you be offering your guests seconds? Moreover, do you wish to save and freeze a tier of the cake for an anniversary celebration? Instead of focusing exclusively on size and the amount of people attending, consider the design of your cake first. Essentially, a professional baker can determine the width, height, and amounts of tiers necessary.

Ultimately, at Ava’s Cupcakes, we like to get to know you and your needs first. Consequently, we can determine a design that fits you best. Then, we will decide on how many tiers you require and how large they must be.

Plus, we get to another supremely fun part, cake flavors inside and out! Whether you prefer vanilla, red velvet or a more exotic taste, Michelle excitedly explores them all with you. Next, we have fun with choosing the covering on your masterpiece. Literally, the icing on the cake!

Our Cake Design Details

Another query our customers wonder about custom wedding cakes and design: How far in advance should I order my cake? Generally, this depends on the time of year and the scope of your desires. In the end, the more time that we have to plan, the better. However, we work diligently to help you meet your goals in all cases. Sometimes, you simply don’t have the luxury of months of planning. With our years of experience and expertise, we can expedite the process as much as possible, when necessary.

Likewise, the best way to begin…is to begin! Leave your contact information on the form at the bottom of our custom wedding cake designs page. Within 8 hours, we will get back to you. Then, we can determine what works best. Distinctively, as every masterpiece is unique, so are their timelines!

Correspondingly, Michelle would like to meet as soon as possible. During this time, she will guide you towards your perfect day. Artistically, she strives to combine the personalities of your union and reflect that in your beautiful cake. Notably, she doesn’t simply create spectacular cakes. As the winner of season 4 “Food Network Cupcake Wars: I Love Lucy 60th Anniversary,” she is a talented pastry chef. At Ava’s Cupcakes, we have a reputation for offering exotic flavors and designs.

Of course, if you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 336-283-9021. Moreover, stop by any of our locations to explore our tasty collections!

Event CateringWhile some businesses treat event catering like an afterthought, the right centerpiece or dessert table can make a lasting impression. Here at Ava’s Cupcakes, we believe that a cake, cupcake tower, or another sweet treat can make your event memorable. With the perfect branding, you can take your event to the next level. Let us help you make a big statement that tastes as good as it looks.


Our Event Catering Menu

Cupcake towers create visual impact and are a popular option for corporate events. They work well for staff appreciation events, business meetings, fundraisers, banquets, grand openings, and more. And of course, if you are planning a personal event like a wedding or birthday, cupcakes are one of the trendiest options.

Voted “Best Cupcakes in America” by Daily Meal, our cupcakes are crowd-pleasers. Our cupcake menu is extensive and includes flavors such as Apple Pie, Cinnamon Bun, and Lemon Drop. Additionally, we have a selection of special-order flavors available, including Butterbeer, Black Forest, Eggnog, Piña Colada, and Peach Cobbler. If you have dietary needs or food allergies, we offer several flavors as gluten-free and vegan varieties. Learn more about our cupcakes and view our menu here.

Although cupcakes are great to grab and go, we can also create a full cake display for your event. We can create everything from trendy “naked” cakes to decadent cakes covered in rosettes. Owner Michelle will work with you directly to create the perfect design for your company. With one of our cakes as a beautiful centerpiece, your guests will never forget your event. Click this link for a menu of cake flavors available.

We are known for our cakes and cupcakes. However, we would also be happy to provide other confections for your event. We love to make handpies and other pastries for morning events, for example. As part of your event catering package, you can also order cookies in a variety of styles and flavors. We are known for our custom shapes and decoration of butter cookies for every occasion. Of course, if you have something else in mind, try our individual trifles, crème brulée, or other gourmet treats.

Many of our flavors are readily available daily. However, for specialty flavors or large orders, please place your order as early in the planning process as possible. We’ll need at least 7-10 days for custom orders. Even more, time allows us to say “Yes!” to any idea you may have for your event. This allows our staff enough time to find the best ingredients and ensure we execute your ideas perfectly. Of course, we use only fresh, top-quality ingredients in every item on our menu.

Why Your Event’s Desserts Matter

Catering Desserts

Yes, our sweet treats are delicious. However, you can also utilize food as an important part of your business branding. Cakes and cupcakes are not just for wedding-related events! If you want to impress potential clients or win over investors, food is an important part of any business event. Your special event needs to wow attendees, and how better to do that than with custom treats? First impressions matter. But, so does dessert! You want your guests to walk away feeling special, just as they would at a wedding or birthday celebration. That’s what our food brings to the table.

Michelle and her staff are ready to turn your ideas into reality. She won season 4 of the “Food Network Cupcake Wars: I Love Lucy 60th Anniversary,” so she is no stranger to innovation. If you aren’t sure what will work best for your event, she can help with the planning process.

Ava’s Cupcakes have been featured on the TODAY Show, in The Wall Street Journal, The Knot, and more. Best of all, your guests can enjoy our sweets without breaking the bank. We have options in a wide variety of budget considerations. Today, learn what makes our treats so special. To place your order, call 336-283-9021 for our North Carolina locations or 973-625-7601 for our New Jersey location.