We are so excited to share and thankful for our Thanksgiving menu! It is available in both our Winston-Salem and Clemmons stores!

Announcing Our Thanksgiving Menu!!

This year’s Thanksgiving menu features a variety of sugar cookies, cupcakes, and cakes. Read on in our latest blog below to see all these amazing treats. You are sure to be thankful for all the sweetness!

Sugar Cookies

Our sugar cookies feature a turkey, pumpkin truck, and fancy pumpkin.

Price: Turkey & Pumpkin $3.89 each & Trucks $4.29 each


We have two festive cupcakes this Thanksgiving season! 🦃

Featured Thanksgiving cupcakes* include:

  • Chocolate Turkey
  • Vanilla Turkey

Price: $3.39 each

*Only available the week of Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Menu Turkey Cupcakes


We have three Thanksgiving-inspired cakes this season! 🦃

Featured Thanksgiving cakes include:

  • Turkey Cake – Vanilla cake with chocolate and vanilla buttercream with chocolate feathers.
  • Turkey Pumpkins Cake – Vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream filling.
  • Maple Bourbon Butter Pecan – Maple cake with layers of Maple Bourbon buttercream.

Price: Each $39 & up

**Cakes are only available in our Clemmons store! Turkey Cake only in cases the week of Thanksgiving or by special order.**


Order Your Thanksgiving Menu Items Today!

In-store large or custom orders or cakes must be ordered by Tuesday, November 22 in order to pick up before Thanksgiving!

Call (336) 283-9021 to place orders for Clemmons or call (336) 999-7178 to place orders for Winston-Salem.

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We are so excited to share our fun and haunted Halloween menu! Plus, we have some fun desserts in honor of the Hocus Pocus 2 movie release on Disney+. It is available now in both our Winston-Salem and Clemmons stores! (See notes below regarding availability)

Halloween Menu

Announcing our Spooky Halloween Menu!! 🎃👻💀🧁🍰🍪

We have three major Halloween-themed desserts. Those include:

  • Cookies
  • Cupcakes
  • Cakes
  • Macarons


This year’s spooky sugar cookie is a cauldron!

Halloween cookies

Price: $4 each

New to this year, we have cookie stacks. In October, we have a festive Hocus Pocus themed one!

Price: $12 each


We have three festive cupcakes this Halloween season!

Featured Halloween cupcakes include:

  • Red Velvet Bloody Eye – Classic red velvet cake with our signature cream cheese frosting and an addition of a bloody eye. (Available starting October 28)
  • Vanilla Ghost – Vanilla cake and vanilla buttercream designed as a surprised ghost. (Available starting October 28)
  • Hostess Boo – Chocolate cake, vanilla buttercream filling, dipped in chocolate ganache, and a piped designed “Boo” on top.

Price: $3.39 (plus tax) each


We have two festive cupcakes this Halloween season!

Featured Halloween cakes include:

  • Candy Corn Creampunk – Yellow, orange, white vanilla cakes with white buttercream filling, ganache and candies on top!
  • Hocus Pocus Cake – Chocolate cake with ‘potion green’ vanilla filling. Covered in a chocolate candy drip with vanilla bean cauldron sugar cookie and candies. Sanderson sisters make an appearance too

Price: Each $49 & up


**IMPORTANT NOTE: Cakes are only available in our Clemmons store!**


New to this year are festive macarons!

Halloween Macarons

Price: $2.75 each

Placing Your Cake or Custom Orders Today!

Large or custom orders or cakes must be ordered by Wednesday, October 26 in order to pick up before Halloween! Be sure to get in your orders today.

Call (336) 283-9021 to place orders for Clemmons or call (336) 999-7178 to place orders for Winston-Salem.

Celebrate Halloween with Ava’s Cupcakes’ Sweet Treats!

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Who else is excited it’s Peach Month?! Don’t miss the amazing menu we have available in August! 🧁🍑

It’s Peach Month! 🍑

Peach Month

Both our Clemmons and Winston-Salem stores have some amazing menu options this month! Check out the menu below and a fun story on why Michelle loves this month’s featured cake!

Peaches n’ Cream Cake, $45

Classic vanilla cake with our scratch-made peach filling and whipped vanilla buttercream.

Peaches n cream cake

Peach Cobbler Cupcake, $3.39

Vanilla cake stuffed with our Peach Cobbler filling and cream cheese frosting dredged in a buttery graham crumb.

Peach Cobbler Cupcake

Peach & Rosemary Handpie, $3.65 each

Our peach filling infused with fresh rosemary stuffed inside our buttery pie crust.

Peach & Rosemary Handpie

Peach Cobbler Cakecup, $4.29 each

Enjoy our cakecups no matter where you go! It can be resealed and easily stored in the cooler at your summer party!

peach cobbler cakecup

Peach Macaron, $2.75 each

Enjoy our brand new peach-inspired macaron. It’s a vanilla macaron tinted to match the sun-kissed hues of a peach. This dessert is sure to melt in your mouth!

peach macaron

Why does Michelle love this month’s cake so much??

As a child my mom always made me a Peaches n’ Cream Cake for my birthday. My three brothers who have Spring and Fall birthdays, always received a different cake than me (Chocolate Pudding or a Cinnamon Crumb Cake) and I never realized why until a few years ago. My mom always made me this cake because peaches are in season in August and our trees were producing the healthiest fruit right around my birthday! Ava’s now has this cake on the menu every August in honor of my mom!

We post monthly ‘Meet Michelle’ photos and quotes on a variety of topics. Each one shares a little fun tidbit about Ava’s Cupcakes’ owner, Michelle Spell.

Enjoy Ava’s Cupcakes Today!

Don’t miss out on this month’s amazing summer flavors. Stop in today at our Clemmons or Winston-Salem locations to pick up some delicious desserts.

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Ava’s Cupcakes has so many dessert options to help make your graduation party extra special and sweet! If on the hunt for graduation desserts, then look no further than Ava’s Cupcakes! Our latest blog covers all the amazing options we offer for honoring your graduate at a memorable party. Already know what you want or inspired by this blog? Place any graduation orders by calling our Clemmons store at (336) 283-9021.

So Many Sweet Ideas to Celebrate your Graduate!

At Ava’s we offer so much more than just cupcakes, we are truly your dessert one-stop-shop. This is especially true for major celebrations and holidays, such as, graduations. We know this is an important time not only for the graduate but their loved ones as well since it’s a major accomplishment! Our staff places all the love and care into every graduation order as if it were our very own graduate we were celebrating.

Below are some popular graduation desserts. Each is customizable for colors to match your graduate’s school colors.


Obviously, cupcakes are often a must in our shop for so many occasions! Therefore, we often get custom orders for cupcakes.

Some ideas on what to do for graduation cupcakes are:

  • Cupcakes in graduate’s school colors
  • Adding a graduate flag into cupcakes (you can purchase these online or in-store)
  • Graduation cap on top of cupcake (we can do this and even put different colored tassels)

Below is a quick photo gallery of some graduation cupcake options.


Our namesake might be all about cupcakes, but we also make and sell custom sugar cookies. These are perfect for any graduation party. The graduation cap picture below shows the perfect graduation cookie for your graduate. Like our cupcakes, we can customize these tassels with different colors too.

Graduation Desserts - Cookies


Next, a traditional cake is always a great option for any party or celebration. We can create any custom cake you desire for a graduation party. Pictured below is one for Ava’s Cupcake’s owner’s son Isaiah!

Graduation Desserts - Cake

Dessert Bar

Can’t decide between the three amazing desserts listed above? Never fear, that is what dessert bars are for! A dessert bar incorporates numerous types of desserts and provides a wonderful, sweet mix for party guests. Everyone loves that there is something for all tastes on a dessert bar.

Order Your Graduation Desserts Today!

Are you ready to celebrate your graduate with some amazing, sweet treats? Call our Clemmons location today at (336) 283-9021 to discuss your ideas and place your orders.

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Our Easter Menu is here! From Easter egg sugar cookies to our Easter Sampler Cakecup Box, we’ve got your sweet tooth covered!

Easter Menu NOW Available at Ava’s Cupcakes!


These festive cupcakes are available April 15 – 17 in honor of Easter!

Price: $3.39 (plus tax) each

Easter Cupcakes


We have four amazing and delicious cakes this month for Easter!

~Easter Bunny Cake – Vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream, $49

Available in stores from April 1- 18

~Peeps Cake – Confetti cake with vanilla buttercream, $49

Available in stores from April 1- 18

~Chickie Cake – Lemon cake with a lemon cream filling, $49

Available all April

~Speckled Egg Cake – Chocolate cake with vanilla cream filling, $39

Available all April

Price: $3.39 (plus tax) each

*Cakes are available in Clemmons only!


You won’t want to miss Ava’s Easter Cakecup Sampler box!! They are nestled gently in a box filled with fun crinkled confetti.

This sampler and our cakecups are a unique Easter basket treat for all ages! They are also perfect for Easter place settings!

Did you know we ship our delicious cakecups anywhere in the continental U.S.??

Sampler features two each of the following cakecups:

  • Lemon Drops
  • Ava’s Carrot
  • Chocolate Truffle
  • Strawberries & Cream
  • Blueberry Cobbler
  • Vanilla Salted Caramel

Price: $69 (plus shipping)

Last day to order for nationwide shipping to receive for Easter is Tues., April 12th!

All of these flavors are also available for sale individually in-store at both our Clemmons and Winston-Salem stores!

Individual Cakecups $3.89 Each

Order Online Today!

Easter Cakecups


Our Easter egg sugar cookies are perfect for either an Easter basket sweet treat or a fun family dessert!

Price: $3.25 each

Available all April!

Easter sugar cookies

Order from our Easter Menu Today!

Call (336) 283-9021 to place orders for Clemmons or call (336) 999-7178 to place orders for Winston-Salem. Click here to place online orders for cakecups.

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Be sure to pick up these delicious desserts from Ava’s Cupcakes to celebrate before National Margarita Day on February 22!

Margarita Day Desserts are Here

Creampunk Cake! 🍰

This vanilla cake has layers of our fresh lime filling, is enrobed in our hand whipped tequila buttercream, and topped with white chocolate ganache drip, and garnished with assorted lime and vanilla candies! Order yours today from our Clemmons store by calling us at (336) 283-9021!

Price: $49

Margarita Day Cake

Cupcake! 🧁

Say hello to our Margarita cupcake!! This vanilla cupcake is stuffed with a fresh lime filling, and topped with tequila buttercream and garnished with a sugar rim and candy lime wedge.

Price: $3.39 (plus tax) Each

Margarita Day Cupcake

Nothing says ‘I Love You’ (whether to your sweetie or yourself) like one of our amazing desserts on our Valentine’s Menu!!

Valentine’s Menu

Our Valentine’s Menu is available ALL MONTH long. So share and enjoy the love this February!!


We have three delicious and perfectly-baked cookies in February! Our  are a soft red velvet cookie with a milk chocolate drizzle!

Red Velvet Heart Cookies

We have two renditions of Valentine’s Day sugar cookies this February. Our Love Stinks sugar cookie is for all our fabulous single fans! Or our Heart Sugar Cookie is for those fans currently head-over-heels in love!

Cookies Price: $3.39 each


We have four lovely featured cupcakes in February that are the perfect romantic treat!

~NEW!! Strawberry Red Velvet: Ava’s Classic Red Velvet Cake topped with ribbons our exclusive whipped strawberry cream cheese frosting!
~Pink Champagne & Strawberries
~Chocolate Covered Strawberry
~Chocolate Truffle

February Featured Cupcakes

If our four featured cupcakes weren’t enough, we also have our Love Ava’s Hostette cupcake!

Ava's Hostette - LOVE

Cupcakes Price: $3.39 (plus tax) each


We have three beautiful and love-filled cakes this month.

1. Heartbreaker Cake – Chocolate cake with a chocolate cream filling. Adorned with candy filled chocolate hearts complete with a tiny mallet to break them open!

Price $49

2. Red Velvet Sugar Cookie Cake – Red velvet cake with our signature cream cheese filling. Garnished with 2 delicious oversized sugar cookie hearts!

Price $39

3. Ava’s Exclusive Strawberry CreamPunk Cake – Strawberry cake, truffle filling, strawberry buttercream, ganache drip and garnished with fresh chocolate dipped strawberries.

Price: Each $49

**Cakes are only available in our Clemmons store!**


Ava’s Premium Valentine Cakecup Sampler is here!!

Did you know we ship our delicious cakecups anywhere in the continental U.S.?? PLUS, for THIS Valentine Cakecup Sampler shipping is FREE!! It is the perfect way to tell your loved ones how much you care about them no matter where they live! It’s also the best way to enjoy our delicious treats if you don’t live in NC near our stores!

Sampler features three each of the following cakecups:

~Ava’s Chocolate Truffle – Food Network Winner!
~Pink Champagne & Strawberries
~Chocolate Covered Strawberry
~Exclusive Strawberry Red Velvet

Click here to place orders!!

Price: $69

Valentine's Day Cakecup Sampler

Charcuterie Boards

Don’t miss Ava’s Valentine’s Charcuterie Boards! It offers an assortment of the following sweet treats: Cupcakes, Cookies, Cannolis, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, French Macarons, Candies and More!

Orders require 48 hours advance notice and pre-orders for Valentine’s are encouraged!

This amazing dessert is available all month long. It offers 16 plus servings.

Pick up for all orders is available Monday – Saturday only.

Price: $99

Valentine’s Extras!!

We aren’t done yet! We have two more delicious, love-inspired desserts on our Valentine’s menu. Our heart-shaped apple handpies and heart-shaped macarons are available this February! They are the perfect add-on to your Vday order!

Valentine's Day Apple Handpie

Call (336) 283-9021 to place orders for Clemmons or call (336) 999-7178 to place orders for Winston-Salem. Click here to place online orders for cakecups.

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Meet Michelle – the owner of Ava’s Cupcakes and past winner of Food Network’s Cupcake Wars. In our latest blog she discusses all things Ava’s and even talks about being on Cupcake Wars. Read on to learn a little more.

Meet Michelle – Q&A with Owner of Ava’s Cupcakes

Why did you decide to open Ava’s Cupcakes?

There were many varying factors in making the decision to open Ava’s Cupcakes; however, the ultimate decision was made from the overwhelming response from the community. Orders just could not be fulfilled from home any longer because a strong and viable business had clearly been born.

NJ Opening

What is your favorite part about owning Ava’s?

I am not sure I can say that there is one favorite part but currently, my favorite part is watching my children take an active role.

Spell Family

Which is your favorite cupcake at Ava’s?

I love the Salted Caramel Mocha, Banana Guava, and the Lime & Basil. How can I choose just one?!

What is your most memorable baking moment?

I’ll never forget baking for days when our episode on Cupcakes Wars aired. We pumped out 1000’s of cupcakes and cookies to the hundreds of guests lined up for hours outside our tiny kitchen in NJ.

What was it like to be on, and win, Cupcake Wars?

Cupcake Wars was a dream for us. We worked very hard to compete and winning made all the difference. It changed the trajectory of Ava’s forever and we will never forget where we started.

Learn More About This Amazing Business Owner

Want to learn more about Michelle and what it’s like to own Ava’s Cupcakes? Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram and tune in for our monthly Meet Michelle posts! In our January one, Michelle shared about family traditions to start the new year, such as making bread.

Are you ready for our festive Christmas menu? It is available in both our Winston-Salem and Clemmons stores (unless notated otherwise below)!*



Our holiday cookies feature an ornament sugar cookie and ninjabreads.
Price: $3.25 each

December Featured Cupcakes


We have four festive cupcakes this holiday season! 🎅🎄
~Peppermint Red Velvet
~Black Forest
Price: $3.39 (plus tax) each

Christmas CakePeppermint Red Velvet Cake


We have three holiday-inspired cakes this season! 🎅🎄

~Santa’s Milk & Cookies
~Chocolate/Vanilla Christmas Cake
~Peppermint Red Velvet

Price: Each $39 & up
**Cakes are only available in our Clemmons store!**



Don’t miss our holiday cakecup sampler pack! 🎅🎄

Flavors include:

Eggnog (3)
Red Velvet Peppermint (3)
Black Forest (3)
Gingerbread (3)

Price: Each $59 (plus shipping if ordering online)

This amazing cakecup pack is available for a limited time only! It is available in-store at Winston-Salem or Clemmons or can be purchased online.


Holiday Cakecup Sampler

Order Your Favorite Christmas Menu Items Today From Ava’s Cupcakes!

In-store large or custom orders or cakes and online orders must be ordered by Monday, December 20 in order to pick up or receive (for online orders) by Christmas.

Call (336) 283-9021 to place orders for Clemmons or call (336) 999-7178 to place orders for Winston-Salem.

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While we are known for our cupcakes, we also have some amazing cakes on our menu every single month. Plus, we make custom ones as well for birthdays, weddings, events, or any other celebration you can think up. An important thing to note is our cakes are only available in our Clemmons location.

In our latest blog, we are going to dive into our current and some past cakes. This will give you a sampling of the cake art we are capable of at Ava’s!

November Cake Options

Every month we feature several cake options related to the holiday, season, or just ones that are fan favorites! This November we have four delicious and beautiful choices!

Chocolate Cannoli Creampunk

This cake features Ava’s vanilla or chocolate cake with layers of our cannoli cream. It’s covered in vanilla or chocolate buttercream and topped with dark chocolate ganache and chocolate dipped cannolis.

Chocolate Cannoli Creampunk Cake

Maple Bourbon Butter Pecan

Everyone loves this maple cake with layers of Maple Bourbon buttercream.

Maple Bourbon Butter Pecan

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Cake

Our Thanksgiving Pumpkin Cake features vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream filling.

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Cake

Turkey Cake

This cake features pumpkin cake, cinnamon buttercream filling, and chocolate buttercream outside with chocolate feathers.

Turkey Cakes

Don’t miss our festive holiday cakes next month!

Food Art Any Celebration

With our custom cakes, you can get any type of cake you desire for any occasion. A few events we often get cake requests for include:

  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Family Reunions
  • Weddings
  • Holiday Parties
  • Corporate Events

Let Ava’s Help You Make a Memorable Celebration!

We love helping people have the perfect cake to celebrate their special moments! Click here to see all our in-stock cakes and cakes available for special order. You can also call our Clemmons store at 336-283-9021 for questions or to place orders. Our monthly cakes are available in-store at 1483 River Ridge Drive, Clemmons, NC 27012.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for contests, menu changes, promotions, and more!