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Looking for a unique and fun Birthday party alternative?! Host an Ava’s Bake n’ Decorate Party at Ava's Bake a Wish Center, 2 doors down from our bakeshop!

Parents can enjoy our ‘Stress-Free Zone’ and relax while we do the work!

Ava's Party Package Includes:

  • Invitations
  • 1 High Quality, Fabric Apron per guest -Perfect Favor!
  • Complete Kit to crack eggs & pour oil; mix, scoop, & bake 2 cupcakes; buttercreams & dyes; and a complete decorator's bar
  • Drink Choice (Water Bottle/Lemonade/Punch/etc)
  • Pizza is optional; $11 per plain pie;$14 for toppings
  • Plates, Napkins & Candles for Singing are included!
  • Customizable Lighting and Music (Decorations are not necessary here!)
  • Packaging to bring their Masterpieces home & so much more!
  • $25 per baker, 10 Baker minimum, 22 maximum

The Bake a Wish experience cannot be compared! Ava's premier party center is the only party kitchen in Northern NJ and it is worth it! Book your party today!

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     Ava’s: 973.625.7601

Please contact us to reserve your party today! 973.625.7601