Did you know our delicious products ship nationwide? You can enjoy the best Ava’s Cupcakes has to offer at home no matter where you live in the continental U.S. In our latest blog, we share all about our e-store, products available, and online ordering for nationwide shipping.

Ready to enjoy some amazing desserts in the comfort of your own home? Let’s talk sweets then!

What is our e-store?

Our e-store is our website where you can see and order all our amazing treats that ship nationwide. You can access our e-store by clicking this link.

Do all Ava’s Cupcake’s desserts ship nationwide?

We’ve created a special line of desserts with shipping in mind. You might not find the same products on our e-store as you would our in-person stores, but they are equally delicious!

Here is a full list of the products we sell online:

Check out this previous blog to learn more about our unique cakecups.

Cookie Doughs

We have three cookie doughs available for sale. Those are:

  • Ava’s Invisible
  • Chocolate Chip
  • Strawberry Chip

All three flavors are available in 16- and 32-ounce containers. The 16-ounce container yields approximately 12 to 15 cookies. Whereas the 32-ounce container yields approximately 24 to 30 cookies.

Pop these in the oven and enjoy a soft cookie that melts in your mouth!


Enjoy our infamous and scrumptious buttercreams on your very own desserts. Our buttercreams for sale include:

  • Classic Vanilla
  • Ava’s Chocolate
  • Lemon
  • Cookies & Cream
  • Strawberry
  • Cinnamon

All flavors above are available in 16-ounce containers. You can purchase sets of 2 or 3.


Our exclusive and legendary fillings are the perfect complement to any dessert. You can use them for cupcakes, cakes, empanadas, or ice cream.

Available flavors include:

  • Banana Guava
  • Apple
  • Lemon

Each of the flavors above are in 16-ounce containers. You can purchase them in sets of 2 or 3.

Cookie Boxes

We sell our colossal cookies in a box set. Each box set contains a dozen cookies. Our cookie box flavors available are:

  • Chocolate Chip
  • Ava’s Invisible
  • Strawberry Chip
  • Sprinkle

Additionally, you can also purchase a sampler set that contains three of each cookie.

Online Ordering

We’ve tried our best to create an e-store that is as easy as 1, 2, 3. These quick three easy steps are the way to get our delicious desserts delivered right to your door.

  1. Visit our e-store and decide which dessert you’d like to purchase.
  2. Select the flavor and size (if applicable) from the dropdown menu on the product page and add to your cart.
  3. Visit your cart and complete the checkout process.

It’s that simple! We accept credit cards and money orders as forms of payment. Once you fill out the required information on the checkout process you will submit your order. Then, simply wait to receive your amazing treats!

Get ready to enjoy Ava’s Cupcakes at home no matter where you live!

Place your online order today in our e-store to receive our unique and amazing desserts! Be sure to find us on Facebook and Instagram for our latest product updates and specials.