Ready to Celebrate Fall with our amazing Fall Menu? 🍁🍂

It’s Almost Fall! Here are our Fall Menu items! 🍁🍂

Celebrate the turn of the season with this month’s summer-to-fall inspired cakes, cupcakes, and cookies!

Sunflower Cake, $35
Nothing says end of summer like sunflowers! 🌻

Sunflower Cake

Early Fall-Inspired Cupcakes, $3.39 each
You can smell and taste the turn of the seasons with these delicious cupcakes! 🧁



Apple Pie

Apple Pie

Pumpkin Cannoli

Pumpkin Cannoli

Caramel Apple

Caramel Apple

Blueberry Cobbler

fall flavor Blueberry Cobbler

Cinnamon Bun

fall flavor Cinnamon Bun

Teacher’s Apple Sugar Cookies, $3 each
Treat your favorite teachers with these sweet back-to-school treats! 🍎

Back to School Apple Sugar Cookie
Why Does Ava’s Owner, Michelle, Love Fall?

My favorite thing about fall is fall in its entirety! I love the cooler weather, grey skies, the bustle of getting home before dark, sweaters and scarves, and, of course, leaves changing colors and falling through the sky. When it comes to fall flavors, I love apples and baking autumn desserts. Apple crisp and pumpkin breads are among my favorites. I spend a lot of time in the woods during fall with my family and that always remains a number one love about the fall. And finally, Autumn is so well loved because it is the entryway to the holiday season! I simply love the fall!

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